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Interesting Rasmussen poll, when taken in the context of the constant MSM drumbeat of AGW. Consensus?


Just one-out-of-three voters (34%) now believe global warming is caused by human activity, the lowest finding yet in Rasmussen Reports national surveying. However, a plurality (48%) of the Political Class believes humans are to blame.

Sixty-three percent (63%) of adults now say finding new sources of energy is more important that reducing the amount of energy Americans currently consume. However, 29% say energy conservation is the priority [why can't we find new sources AND conserve? Those two goals do not seem mutually exclusive to me].

A growing number of Americans (58%) say the United States needs to build more nuclear plants. This is up five points from last month and the highest finding so far this year. Twenty-five percent (25%) oppose the building of nuclear plants.

It just takes a while for common sense to kick in.

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