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Holy Sh*t - Now you're starting to make sense, to me! Cheap, efficient energy brings prosperity and healthier living conditions. Burning wood maybe cheap, but it is not efficient and leads to deforestation and air pollution. Until renewables such as solar or wind become economically/logically feasible, doesn't our reluctance to drill for our own resources of oil and natural gas add to the global costs of natural gas and oil, thereby making it less likely that more energy efficient and cleaner fuels are available? Probably not so warm to your idea of funding new energy sources, as mentioned in your comment that you posted about below, and I'm not at all sure as to the practicalities of building energy producing facilities in third world countries - but your math is surely right.

If my back of the envelope calculations are correct, it would be more efficient for us to spend $1 on bringing electricity to someone in the third world who does not have access than to spend it converting our own energy sources to a more efficient fuel type. But I'm not saying we shouldn't do both, just that we get more bang from our buck doing the first.

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