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OK. I'm curious. When I click "about," I get this: "As part of Becta's Harnessing Technology Strategy, Kable and the Innovation Unit are publishing this weblog and associated wiki to present the results of our research and gather feedback." What does this mean?

Guess I better change that. I used to use this account for a job I had in London a few years back. I'm no longer with Kable--although I do still do some work for Becta. They're a UK government department that is researching how best to use technology in education. Fun stuff.

Yeah. I consider myself a moderate liberal from Berkeley living in Los Angeles. Recently I did some research on climate change and global warming and was surprised to discover that there is no conclusive evidence of global warming being linked to human produced co2 emissions. The best I found was a 'strong possibility'. It was very confusing. I have always been somewhat neutral about the whole debate. It is so politicized that it's hard to tell which facts and theories are fair and which are politicaly motivated.
I do believe in environmentalism though because I do believe polution is a problem and I do believe that human actions are depleting other important aspects of the planet such as air quality and bio diversity. Living in smoggy la I would love if the skies were clear and polution free. To think it once was!

But yeah in respect to global warming I am still very ambivalent about it. I guess I think measures such as technological research and implementation can't hurt. But whether it actually is within human power to control remains to be proven.

In late October, during Q&A after a lecture he gave in Washington, CD, before the cooler heeads coalition, MITs Richard Lindzen stated he was no longer a global warming skeptic. He is now a proud "denier" - that is, he denies there is any global warming problem from ACO2.

Nah, you're mad for supporting Pelosi not #5, but you'll learn eventually. Nice work you and Mosh did in getting the book out so fast. Too bad it missed the stocking-stuffer season, but what are ya gonna do?

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