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Reading your blog has been very interesting and informative. Thank you.

One point I haven't seen mentioned, which The Nation journalist Alexander Cockburn has pointed out, is that the evidence for CO2 being a driver of climate change is not there. In fact, the evidence may suggest the precise opposite. According to what I have seen of data from ice core samples, rises in CO2 which correspond to rises in temperature may actually be an effect: there is an 800 year lag between CO2 and temperature changes -- changes in CO2 follow temperature (Al Gore doesn't mention this!). This is the fundamental assumption behind AGW, is it not?

When I heard of this, I wanted to see a convincing rebuttal in the scientific literature, someone who could please explain to me how CO2 could drive temperature changes when the graphs are showing it 800 years behind! I have yet to see one.

I'm sure that our present-day situation may be judged differently, since we definitely have more CO2 in the air, much of it resulting from fossil fuel sources. Nobody looking at the data will deny that CO2 has risen dramatically in the last 150 years. But the fundamental hypothesis that CO2 drives climate change has to be proven by data and a scientific interest in discovering the truth based on observation and study of nature and our biosphere.

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